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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


In the Windows XP service crashes there, where a user would normally reboot computer to fix windows functions fully.
Problems of this problem can be caused by three things:
First, many service does not restart automatically after a crash, and most users can not run a service manually. This is because he does not have the icon or the user who is familiar.
Second, if users know the service will restart the crash, you may not know which services should be stopped when the process occurs Svchost crash or sudden stop.
Third, depending on the possibility of service outside of the process is not visible SVHOST by service control manager. This raises its own difficulties for the user to restart the service.
In the windows vista, mostly in the box repair services have rules which allow users to continue working after the service crashes and then restarts automatically. Dependence implicit and explicitly understood between the service and all the appropriate services will be restarted according to the correct order when one of them crash occurred.
Windows Vista offers improved reliability began when he was released and continued to improve error reporting by providing perbaikkan reliability in a long time. For example, windows vista provides detailed information on the type of certain types of reliability issues with the feedback system from Microsoft products. This information is used by Microsoft and its partners in improving its product products continuously. And when users send error information to Microsoft.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

IMPROVING THE SYSTEM optimization processor performance

Do not be disappointed once when the computer you are using outdated start because of the application of new applications that demand higher requirements. However you still can improve chip performance by increasing the processor speed clocknya, with a note that your computer motherboard used is supported to improve performance. The effect of the slow processor performance will certainly be very difficult for you to work or carry out activities using your computer. One other thing that slow your computer will make you bored or spend your time in your office tasks.
Processor manufacturers are providing tolerance for computer users in terms of increased clock speed of their products, to maintain reliability. Thus the advantage of tolerance to raise the clock speed of your computer. Intel brand processors generally have much lower tolerance than AMD or Cyrix.
To increase the processor clock speed, first read the instructions in the manual that came with the purchase of your computer motherboard. You should have little knowledge about this with the aim to better understand a little about the reliability and capability of the software you use. replace the jumper settings on the motherboard, according to existing specifications. For example try changing the processor speed was 486 dx2-66 MHz you become a 486DX4-100 MHz. If after running your computer to be stuck, try to lower the speed to be 486DX-2 80 MHz.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Roses and a box of chocolates on Valentine's Day

Pebuari months, if heard in February so people will identify with the "Valentine's Day". Valentine's Day is a day of love throughout the world commemorated every year on February 14. Especially for young children, then Valentine's Day is a highly anticipated moment to express love to their partners. Actually, Valentine's Day is not the tradition of our nation, but the modern dijaman today's Valentine's has become a tradition for young people to celebrate. Valentine's Day is usually synonymous with red roses or pink and chocolate as a gift given to her partner at the Valentine's Day.
Even the moment is a gift to the sellers of flowers, perfume and chocolate surprise, in the days approaching Valentine's Day we could see the plazas, malls and even a surprise that the seller will adorn the street selling various forms of roses in a variety of very attractive package. Valentine actually was not confined to the young group, but Valentine's Day belongs to all age groups, can also to express the compassion of children towards parents, we love the brothers, of friends, friend or spouse. It is to show that compassion does not have to wait for Valentine's Day, we should be able to express affection every day, every time, anytime from anywhere.
But while Valentine's is a very special moment when we will express our compassion with a touch of roses and a box of chocolates. Many of us take advantage of Valentine's Day for special events such as weddings, engagements and other dates in the hope that February 14 was special and memorable because along with Valentine's Day. Shades of pink / pink will once felt at the time of Valentine's Day will arrive, pink / pink color is synonymous with romantic preferred by many women. Valuable addition to a romantic, pink / pink symbolizes elegance for a woman. Everyone will be remembered when in February will arrive, then they will prepare their Valentine's Day with her partner.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Closely related to the network, so security is also important to have the OS. This is caused due to the growing network of communication and ease the process of distribution of files between computers.
May be compared with the network, then your computer like a house with doors and windows open so that guests can go visit. In this keandaan, shall be maintained from the side of safety so that no unwanted visitor arrivals, for example by setting the screen to prevent mosquito entry.
Implementation of "mosquito net" in the OS can be a user authentication, resource access rights, handling of ports, and firewalls. One of the mistaken opinion regarding the security issue is the OS immunity against the virus, if the current majority of viruses attacking OS windows, does not mean that OS can not be exposed to the virus.
In principle, the same virus software, and therefore if the virus was created in accordance with its particular operating system, then the virus has become an application running on the target OS, either OS is linux, mac OS X, windows or other OS.
Then why attack the virus more windows OS? This is not out of the market on the computer desktop OS that is currently dominated by windows, but it is also undeniable operating systems like unix / linux environment that has relatively more difficult to be penetrated by the virus, although no means guaranteed virus free.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Registry is a large database yan berjalan.Dengan regulate how to edit windows registry and do a quick little tweak, you can improve the performance of windows.
Editing your registry can be done through the registry editor, or better known by the name regedit, which can be found in the windows directory. Given such a vital function, the registry can also be misused by ignorant hands to disrupt the performance of your PC. Especially the windows vista regeditnya access easier thanks to the presence of the search feature on the start menu.
To protect your windows vista regitry, please try the following steps:
1. Type regedit through the start, then go to the key HKEY_USERS \. DEFAULT \ software \ microsoft \ windows \ current version \ policies \ system.
2. Create a DWORD data with tools and Disableregistry a isika the data with 0.
3. Make a backup of the registry key. how to click File> Export and specify its name with the name of open.
4. Then back to the data and replace the DWORD value to 1
5. Repeat step 3 with a different name, such as close.
Now you can get out of regedit and try to run the registry editor again. Guaranteed you will mengeluakan windows error message that states you can not edit the registry.
To reopen the protection that you have done, run open.reg file you created earlier in step 3. Later, you can close access to the registry back quickly through close files. reg
In order for the registry editor is not easy to open lid of others, then move it to a safer place.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Surfing with comfort SAFE IN VIRTUAL WORLD

Remember the blaster worm? This worm had horrendous Windows XP users and spread quickly through the internet. Computers that are infected will immediately shutdown in 60 seconds. Since then, Microsoft became more serious about dealing with security. Several security patch service pack included 1 followed with service pack 2 is equipped with windows firewall.
As a follow-up on security problems, Microsoft set up windows vista as most secure operating system in the history of windows by default has to include security functions of the system. One example is anti-spyware features which constantly monitors your surf activities. Windows defender who was once better known as the Microsoft anti-spyware to be part of windows security center. The interface is very simple and easy to use. When the program is run containing spyware, windows defender will immediately detect and share it with you. You also can directly remove spyware anti-virus as easy to use.
Vista also has a firewall that much better. If there is a connection request from the outside, the firewall will ask if the connection is allowed or not. If you menginzinkan, the connection will be formed. But this does not mean the opposite connection request to exit just released. Vista firewall control the connection will stay out (outgoing) a user.
All the security features that have been provided of course not be optimal if you do not set correctly settingya

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Many of us are not aware, how much personal data is sent and how many impressions tersadap data by others when we play each click of the mouse on the Internet. In a sense, this information could be used by web developers and website operators to develop a web directory business technologies to better with a more precise features. By launching the website, they generally create additional tool tool, malicious websites and build a business web directory replica trusted and known by many people.
Many buyers make transactions online
Maybe some people do not argue, that one of the pleasures of life is good when buying goods with a relatively cheap price. Price discounts are available at the online store provides its own nuances that we click the mouse and buy the goods.
With the Internet, many things become easier for large and small businesses is almost no difference. Why, because it's easier to offer goods online, and is likely to reach customers in abundance without time and geographical constraints.
Business web directory available on the Internet is easy with the help of Search engine presence and you can market your business. Through search engines, you can type the keywords of your business name. That way you can reach customers more quickly and credible.
It is not possible, you can reach millions of customers when you put an ad in several major search engines and portals are already well-known websites.
This factor factors that brought the situation where the customer will approve the business web directory. Thus you will have a real mechanism to distinguish legitimate business or businesses that simply collect information for purposes that are not clear.
Another opportunity from you is the ability of malicious web directory service to attract customers by imitating the unexpected appearance and function of the business web directory which has been known and trusted.